How To: Get flawless looking legs

Get flawless looking legs

This is how to get flawless legs. The first thing you want to do is start off with some products from h2o, its body scrub, it lathers and expoliates, you can use it as a body wash. Another one is another h2o brand with sea salt, that is much more expoliating. Also use ocean salt, by lush, along with buffee, also from lush. Lastly Clarins toning body polisher. Get the water running, wet your leg down, start with the h2o more abraccive salts. Get it and rub it on your leg, if you have sensitive skin, scrub lightly, then get the buffy, lightly rub it on your leg. Next use the h2o lathering wash, rub it on top of the other stuff. Next use the blue ocean salts, rub it on also. Make sure to get down on your ankle, and feet, also all the way up your leg. Let it sit, to condition it, then wash off. After this, it will be very smoothe. Next on the other leg use the clarince and spread it on your leg. after a few seconds of rubbing, wash it off. Lastly use the toning body balm, finish it off by rubbing it all over your leg, dont wash it off, leave it on, and rub in gently. The result leaves your legs very smoothe, and nice, Enjoy!

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