How To: Insert a Playtex tampon

Insert a Playtex tampon

This is a uncomfortable subject - your period. But you don't want to be uncomfortable when protecting yourself. You shouldn't have to worry about cardboard applicators or crappy pads, so try Playtex tampons. This video tutorial will show you how to insert a Playtex tampon.

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hey i am 10 years old and i have not started my period yet but when i do i will know how to use a playtex tampon and you can text ma any time at and my name is alexis storey and my email address is thank you and good bye.

p.s. i liked that video

idk iam 11 years old and i stared my period it is very painful trust all the girls out there that is reading this right know :)

Tampons are dangerous, you just said it.
Young girls, use pads instead, stay on a safe side. Some girls who just started their periods, and attempt to try tampons can have very narrow opening into vagina, and inserting a tampon can cause pain and bleading or even be impossible at all.

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