How To: Insert a tampon properly

Insert a tampon properly

Inserting a tampon is not as scary as it sounds. This how to video teaches you the proper way to insert and remove a tampon. This tutorial shows the method of inserting a tampon with an applicator. Watch this video and soon you will be using tampons with ease.

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she's daring.. ;p

this is #$%@ed up

hai. I need tempon girl. Ca n u understand???????/

:O women use so many weird stuff... n the stuffs r so complex like women themselves ...:O

May u send me a video or link... my girlfriend wants to know how to insert a tampon correctly.She's 20 but still no one has shown her how to insert correctly.Please help and send me a homemade video ;)
Thank's! :)

Btw my skype's ---> speedy-wolf
see ya ;)

oh.. so thats what their for.

oh thats what their for.

thanks it answered some questions for my daughter.

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