How To: Pluck eyebrows for a model look

Pluck eyebrows for a model look

Christine from shows you how to tweeze your eyebrows yourself without painful waxing or expensive treatments. First, you need a high quality tweezer with a very small point and a tweezer with a wide point. The small point tweezer is good for plucking single hairs, and the wide point tweezer can pluck a few hairs at at time. The first area you need to tweeze is the area between your eyebrows. Don't go too far into your actual eyebrow area. Then, to make your eyebrow naturally arch, you should put your line your finger up with where the color starts in your eye, and actually place it vertically on your eye to see where your arch should be. Pluck the hairs below this area until your arch forms. Then, go on to the other eye. You should pluck your eyebrows about once a week.

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