How To: Prevent body odor with an Urawaza secret

Prevent body odor with an Urawaza secret

James shows us how to prevent stinky pits without using deodorant, but instead the Japanese Urawaza secret of baking soda and lemon.

The household ingenuity captured herein really caught fire in the post-war period, when Occupied Japan's poor economy made a virtue out of frugal and clever homebrew products. The name Urawaza comes from gamer slang, referring to the programmers' back-doors that let players gain points, levels and advantage by doing something unexpected, and it's the perfect appellation for the surprisingly satisfying knowledge that you can keep your cut flowers longer by dropping a copper penny in the water, carry a heavy box more readily if you stack it atop a lighter one, and so on.

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warning, go easy on the soda..powerful stuff that is. i use to use it for most things including arm deodorant, but now i eased
down cos it was making me ill..

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