How To: Properly thread your eyebrows

Properly thread your eyebrows

This Yasmine’s World video demonstrates eyebrow threading. Use standard sewing thread for the process. Take a piece approximately two to three feet long. Tie the ends in knot. Hold the large thread loop in both hands. Twist it six or sent times, so there is an X shape in the middle. Working on the right eyebrow, pull the right hand in a tweezer motion. For the left eye, make the motion with the left hand. This motion moves the thread. Working on the right eyebrow, place the left vee of the thread tightly to the area that has hair to remove. Then move the right hand in the tweezer motion, so the thread slides and grabs the hairs. Yasmine suggests practicing on leg hair first to understand the motion. She also suggests penciling or filling in eyebrows before threading, so that too much hair is not removed.

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