How To: Thread your eyebrows for any event

Thread your eyebrows for any event

This video demonstrates the new technique of threading, an alternative to waxing, shaving or electrolysis. Threading uses two threads to pluck unwanted hairs in a fast and painless manner. First the technician will follow the natural arch of your eyebrow removing any stray hairs above the arch. Holding your eyelid slightly taught will allow the technician to remove any unwanted overgrowth underneath your arch, as well as between the eyebrows. Threading is also used to remove unsightly hairs from your upper lip by using your tongue against the inside of your lip to allow the threads to grasp the hairs. The technician follows up the eyebrow threading by using a clean mascara brush to brush up any long hairs and trims them for a more groomed look. Lastly, the technician cleans up any fine hairs that may have been missed by the threads with tweezers giving you that perfectly arched eyebrow look.

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